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Ways To Help The Abandoned Children

Deciding to help a cause can be riddled with conflict. While you may be passionate about a charity's ideals and what they stand for, how can you be sure your donation will be of any help? Sometimes, you just have to go on faith and send the check. However, when it comes to abandoned children, there are many other ways you can help besides sending money. Here are just a few ways you can help these children who have done nothing wrong. 

Safe Haven Surrender

It is possible and legal for the mother of a newborn to surrender the infant to a facility designated as a safe haven surrender institution. Hospitals, fire departments, and police departments are all safe haven facilities. Once there, the facility will contact an agency to come to pick up the baby and take them to an orphanage or a foster home.

However, there will be a bit of time while the infant is at the surrender facility. You can help these babies by donating infant formula, bottles and nipples, baby blankets, and infant clothing to the different facilities. Even if the facility has received enough donations to accommodate the number of surrenders they receive, they will pass your donations on to the orphanages or foster homes.


While you may not realize it, there is bound to be at least one orphanage in your city or in the closest big city. These institutions are funded by the city or state or possibly by private donations. They are always in need of clothing, blankets, personal hygiene items, books, toys, and all the other items that a child needs.

You may choose to donate your gently used items, or you may purchase new items for the children. If you are not sure of where to take the things, you can always drop them off at a safe haven surrender facility and ask them to send them where they will do the most good.

Child Abandonment Charity

There are numerous organizations who operate as a child abandonment charity. While financial donations are always good, you do not need to limit your gifts to money. Look for an agency that helps to place abandoned infants into foster homes.

You can then donate to the charity with the request that things be distributed among the foster families. Infant blankets, formula, clothing, and small toys or books are always appreciated. 

Just because a mother was in a situation where she was desperate enough to abandon her child, it should not be held against the baby. If you are looking for a way to help those less fortunate than yourself, consider donating to a child abandonment charity such as Project Cuddle