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How To Create An Effective Non-Profit Housing Donation Campaign

It can be difficult for non-profit organizations to create effective donation campaigns to raise money to help those in need. It can be especially difficult when you are starting a non-profit housing donation campaign to help families get into comfortable housing.

The demand seems to grow every day for affordable housing options, and many non-profits are trying to help either build new houses for families or help them rent homes.

If you are starting a non-profit housing donation campaign to help families in your area, here are some tips to help make it successful.

Start With Your Supporters

When starting a non-profit housing donation campaign, it's always best to start with the supporters you already have. This can be individual donors, large corporations, or even local builders or contractors who help donate their money or even their time to your campaign. If you are organizing an in-person fundraising drive, you can ask local vendors and craftsmen to donate items or expertise to those who attend to encourage more donations.

It is often easier to fundraise if you already have existing donors. It gives you more credibility and shows potential donors that you are a trusted non-profit organization and that their money will go to helping families get into homes.

Garner Interest In Your Organization

In order to have a successful non-profit housing donation campaign, you need people to know you exist and garner interest in what you are doing. You can gain interest in several ways, you can use social media to reach thousands of new donors on a daily basis. You can create Facebook posts about the projects you are working on, the new fundraising campaigns you are starting, and why it's important to donate to non-profit housing donation campaigns.

You can also create Instagram or Pinterest posts with pictures of any building projects you have, families you have helped, or even interesting tips that potential donors would be interested in. You can also create Youtube videos of the building process, explain the donation process and where the funds go when you receive them.

You can also use direct email messaging to existing donors or those who have visited your website and are interested in your campaign.

You could hold mini fundraising drives for the larger campaign by having donation booths in malls or festivals as well. When shoppers see your booth, they may be interested enough in coming over and learning more if not donating.

Contact a nonprofit housing donation program, such as Family Care Housing Development, for more information.