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Useful Strategies For Those Trying To Get Donations For Indian Reservations

If you're keen on raising donations for Indian reservations—whether it's because you grew up on one or live near one—there are certain things you need to do to have success. Here are some strategies in particular to consider.

Digitize Your Fundraising Campaign

In order to receive as many donations as possible for Indian reservation efforts, you want to make things as simple as possible for donors. That's easy if you digitize your donation efforts from the very beginning by using an online platform. People will have an easy time using it to generate money, whether it's going towards food, clothes, or shelter for an Indian reservation. After creating a profile on a fundraising campaign, you need to promote it as often as you can. That's the best way to gain exposure and thus receive donations from a lot more sources that otherwise wouldn't be possible. 

Personalize the Tribes via Stories 

You probably are trying to get donations for an Indian reservation to help out particular tribes. It's a good idea to tell their stories to potential donors because it's going to make them feel more open to giving. They need to hear about the history of these tribes and what it is they're looking to gain out of these donations. This helps establish honesty as well, which can make potential donors feel more comfortable about giving money. It just might compel them to take action with their wallets.

Make Attractive T-Shirts For Promotion

One way you can advertise on the go, so to speak, is to create T-shirts that promote these donating efforts. Then people can wear them out in public and thus constantly draw traffic towards your donating campaigns. You can even get the tribes at the Indian reservation involved in creating these T-shirts. Then the proceeds from the sale of these shirts can be put back into the Indian reservation in some way. Just make sure you make the T-shirts attractive so that people not only want to buy them but wear them all the time.

If you care about an Indian reservation in your area and want to get involved in a donating campaign, you have a lot of avenues for receiving donations. Just make sure to try to find the ones that make sense for your fundraiser and don't give up until you reach your donation goals. 

For more information about how you can support Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, contact a local service.